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Procedure for performing the work. Contractual relations. Advantages and specifics of working with the agency. How to pay for our work?
Договор веб-агентво Алекс

How do we work?

For successful implementation of the work, we need to understand the client's needs and ideas about the project's objectives. For this purpose, after an initial discussion, we prepare step-by-step terms of reference, which the customer approves.

The cost of preparing the requirements specification is included in the payment for the initial phase of work. However, if the customer prepares the terms of reference on their own, we offer the necessary additions. In this case, the fee for the preparation of terms of reference is not charged.
The preparation of terms of reference allows us to simplify the interaction and reveal the implicit (hidden) tasks for the project.

For example, a newly created website in the first 3-6 months will not receive a sufficient number of visitors. It would be best to keep in mind that getting the most out of your new website will require either advertising or intensive SEO promotion. Increasing the number of content articles will require preparing website sections and identifying a regular performer to create them. And this should be reflected in terms of reference.


The relationship between the customer and the contractor may be executed as a contract with appendices based on the terms of reference or an invoice offer.
The invoice offer is essentially an invoice agreement. In addition, the details and the amount to be paid contain the terms and content of the contractual relationship between the parties to the transaction.
The customer must accept Invoice-offer, and then it enters into legal force. If the customer agrees to accept the proposal received, he either makes a payment of the invoice issued or responds with a written refusal.
In case of a favourable decision, a contractual relationship arises between the parties, according to which the parties are liable for the services defined in the invoice offer.

PayPal and Payoneer have a built-in billing system for customers.
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Порядок оплатывеб-агентство Алекс

How to pay?

Alex Web Agency works with both legal entities and individuals.
For legal entities, we provide payment using the Payoneer payment system.
Private customers can pay with a bank card to our PayPal or Wise accounts.

Also, direct bank payment is available in USD, EUR, GBP and a few other currencies.
Thai customers can pay to a Thai bank account.
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Our team works according to the principle of a distributed office. Physically, employees are located in different cities and countries but united in a single working environment.
We create Internet products using the latest technology, following current trends in the industry.
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