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Tech optimization (incl. Speed Up) of WordPress website

Wordpress Speed Optimization Service

Every extra second a page loads increases, the bounce rate, and you lose potential customers. Improve the performance of your website with technical website optimization services.
technical SEO & Speed Up website

The importance of technical optimization

The importance of technical optimization
Technical SEO is ensuring that a website complies with the recommendations of search engines.

When is technical optimization needed?

Possible problems:
☑ The website is in the red zone for mobile by Google Page Speed testing;
☑ The website receives a large amount of untargeted traffic;
☑ The website has a good history and quality content, but positions are not improving.

Why is technical optimization essential?

The mass use of smartphones has prompted Google to launch an algorithm update that importance site speed and mobile-friendliness when ranking web pages.

Currently, slow websites with poor structure and redirect errors can be penalized by search engines. However, these technical problems can lead to drastic drops in search rankings and organic traffic without proper intervention. Considering that about 35-40% of organic search is for sites in the top 10, a decrease in rankings can be detrimental to your business.

For websites that use other CMS or builders (WIX, Tilda, etc.), it is possible to transfer the website to WordPress.
PageSpeed Insights

Technical optimization services for business

Improve your site's search rankings without adding new content.
In a complex, competitive digital environment, staying up-to-date with the latest technical requirements and algorithm updates is essential. Furthermore, understanding the essence of technical SEO objectives will allow you to keep the structure of web pages suitable for both users and search engine robots.

Technical website optimization (SEO) involves the following processes:
  • Increase productivity (speed) of the site
  • Optimizing website for mobile devices
  • Checking XML sitemap
  • Report on scanning errors
  • Validate SSL Certification
  • Error Page - 404
  • Search and remove duplicate content
  • Check for broken links
  • Improving metadata display
  • Checking robots.txt
  • Redirect Audit
  • Image Optimization 
Does the functionality of your website decrease your position in organic search?
We understand that independent auditing and technical optimization are complex tasks that require a lot of time and resources. Therefore, our technical SEO consultants are always ready to help you.
Specialists of Alex Web Agency will take all necessary work on the technical optimization of a website.

WordPress Speed Up & Performance Improvement

Check the speed of this page
The best result if website performance >90 (green zone)
A website in the red zone is a serious problem.
A lot of web developers are involved in website development. But not everyone pays attention to performance metrics. We optimize and customize websites on WordPress, decreasing load times significantly.

Fast websites are a pleasure to interact with, which means you'll get more customers without increasing the cost of a redesign or marketing campaign. Site speed is now a critical aspect. Watch the video to see for yourself. Order an audit of your WordPress site now - it's free. In most cases, we can solve your problem.
Source: Think with Google Channel

Website Optimization Steps

Free site audit

Our suggestions for technical optimization


Technical audit of the website

We perform comprehensive technical audits to identify and fix technical problems with the site.
The audit covers essential control points, including site performance when displayed on mobile devices, internal link structure, site architecture, etc.


Technical optimization of the site

Using the research results, we develop immediate and long-term measures to improve the technical performance of the website. When building or migrating a site, we default monitor technical performance during the development phase for excellent results.


Real speed up website

Page speed directly affects your ranking and, more importantly, your customers' behavior. Therefore, we optimize the site code, change the order of loading scripts, and use caching and content distribution networks (CDNs), reducing loading time as much as possible.

Optimizing Images

Unoptimized images slow down your site and discourage visitors. Our specialists will reduce the size and select the correct formats, fill in alt attributes and set up delayed loading of images.

Data markup

Make it easier for search engines to crawl, interpret, and display your content using micro-patterning.
We highlight page elements, assign data tags, and embed data markup on your page.

Website Migration

We do SEO-friendly website migrations that include performance analysis, mapping changed URLs, updating internal links, removing duplicate content, and monitoring traffic and positions.
How to optimize?

WordPress Website Services

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