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Website transfer (migration)

Any website, sooner or later, will require technical upgrades. In the vast majority of cases, this will require the help of specialists.

The site migration process

We are engaged in the transition of websites on CMS WordPress with the maximum possible preservation and for the subsequent improvement of positions in search results.

Some tasks in site migration

☑ Improvement of the technical characteristics of the website (e.g., speed (performance));
☑ Reduced complexity and cost of maintenance;
☑ Maintaining and improving search engine rankings through technical and search engine optimization (SEO);
☑ Adding previously unavailable functionality, etc.

When is an upgrade (migration) required?

☑ The existing site is outdated and needs a design and content update.
➡ Many sites are not been technically updated for years and lose users as a result. Resources with modern design and easy navigation make it easy to find the information you need and make a good impression. A site with a good history has advantages in position growth. But this site must meet the requirements of search engines.

☑ The website needs new features.
➡ For example, the company has grown from a business card site and is fully ready to move to the level of the online store. Or there is a need to add new sections and features that will improve the site's usability or solve new problems.
☑ A website created on a SAAS platform (Wix, Shopify, Tilda etc.)
➡ When starting a new project, a great temptation is to use a "ready-made" solution. However, in the development process, many disadvantages are revealed. The most important of them are the limitations of the functionality of the platforms themselves and the maintenance cost.

☑ The website was created on a "unique" self-written engine.
➡ The uniqueness of the technical component of the website in most cases is a huge disadvantage, not an advantage. Unless your company is a corporation with a staff of developers, such "uniqueness" will cost too much. Or the website will become obsolete without a chance to be updated.
Most problems are successfully solved by porting and using WordPress as a content management system (CMS).

About the website migration process

The service cost depends directly on the volume and technical condition of the original site. Therefore, before the start of the update will be made and agreed to a plan with a list of works.
During creation of a new version of the site, the original continues to work.
For the transfer of content, we use different methods, including parsing. The choice depends on the configuration of the source and the degree of control by the customer of their website.
The transition to a new version is "seamless". If necessary, you can keep the old version with links to an identical page.
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What we do in the process of transferring the site

audit local

Technical and SEO audit of the source site

In the technical audit process, the possibility of exporting content by traditional means is determined, or parsing methods are determined.

SEO audit is required for further preservation or modification of the previous structure on the updated version of the website. The amount of work and necessary tools are assessed.
local keyword

Preparing parsing or exporting content

Critical responsible stage of work. In many porting cases, there is no possibility of regular content export.
The individuality of sites implies using different templates for parsing different groups of pages.

The ability to export content by CMS tools dramatically simplifies the task.

Preparing a new website to import content

First, the necessary functionality is determined, and the necessary software is installed.

Then the structure and draft templates for the new site are formed.

All sections of the new system are checked for operability.

image optimization

Optimizing Images

Websites contain a vast amount of graphical content indexed by search engines. If possible, they should be saved. 

If the images are too large or of poor quality, they should be replaced or processed. Working with images can be one of the most time-consuming steps in moving a website.

Maintaining internal and external links

Internal links are retained, or a 301 redirect is set up to avoid traffic loss and "broken" links for any website with growing of numbers external links.

To maintain the positive effect of external links is a table of addresses of donor pages with the target pages. Next, similar to work with internal links.

Publishing a new website

Since all work on the upgrade is carried out on the test site, the final stage is either a transfer to the customer's hosting or domain switching (if the customer has chosen our hosting). At this stage, reconfiguration of analytics, advertising campaigns, CDN connection and other technical work.
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