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Social media and services. Integration

Integration with social networks and external services is an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of a website for search engines.

What integrations are possible?

By integration, we mean the ability to automate the exchange of content between the website and social networks or some other service. Consider two options - broadcasting content or announcements from the website and filling the website with content from third-party sources.

What are the benefits of integrations?

Integrations can improve the quality of a website by regularly updating content and using social factors (such as reviews) or increasing traffic to the site from social media after announcements are published.

Getting content for a website

It is possible to get various information from social media and post it on the website. For example, you can post posts on Instagram or Facebook and Google Business Reviews.

It is desirable to use separate pages for embedding broadcasts because of the peculiarities of integration. At the same time, this does not apply to rating widgets, whose task is to increase the degree of trust in the website and, in fact, in the company's activities.
A separate option is to organize the regular data collection for publishing in the information sections — for example, automatic publication of currency rates.

Broadcasting (posting) in social networks

In this case, it is possible to achieve two goals at once.
When broadcast channels are correctly configured, the website becomes a centre for creating content for social networks and generating traffic for the website.

There are various ways to organize uninterrupted posting, but in any case, the website must generate data feeds that are understandable to the posting services.

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