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Maintenance and hosting of WordPress websites

Regular maintenance and quality hosting - the foundations for the successful functioning, promotion and safety of the website


We provide regular (routine) service and assistance with emergencies requiring an immediate response.

Emergency care

It May be needed in the following situations:
☑ For hacking a website;
☑ To remove viruses and malicious scripts;
☑ To restore access to a website;
☑ To protect against a hacker attack on the website.

Regular maintenance

Some of the routine website maintenance work:
☑ Checking the functionality and identifying bugs on the website;
☑ Updating the CMS WordPress and plugins with a compatibility check ;
☑ Antivirus check ;
☑ Backup ;
☑ Updating the content of the website (publication texts, images, banners);
☑ Checking the functionality of the counters;
☑ Programming.

The list of works can be extended by agreement.
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Website hosting services

☑ Maximum uptime
Our hosting is very reliable. We use time-tested solutions, including CDN.

☑ Free malware removal
Our WordPress experts will quickly and thoroughly remove the malware for you at no additional cost if your website ever gets hacked.

☑ High-Security Hosting

Security is a top hosting priority, and we guarantee that all possible measures will be taken to protect your website and your data.

☑ Lightning-fast page loading speed
Fast page loading speeds are necessary for both visitors and search engine robots. Our WordPress hosting uses LiteSpeed Server, and it is speedy.

☑ Specialized Hosting
WordPress is the most popular CMS globally, and we have the expertise to provide the fastest and safest WordPress experience. We can host any website, but WordPress is our specialty.

☑ Hosting Support
Our support team is ready to ensure smooth, fast operation and security.

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WordPress Website Services

Our team works according to the principle of a distributed office. Physically, employees are located in different cities and countries but united in a single working environment.
We create Internet products using the latest technology, following current trends in the industry.
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