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WordPress has become the basis for all website configurations. E-commerce is no exception. There are many solutions based on the WooCommerce plugin to set up a successful online business.

And productivity?

How many products can the store "pull"? That's not quite the right question. It is much more important how many visitors at the same time will be able to use the site. And on this, first of all, it will influence the technical characteristics of the hosting—10,000 items are not the limit for WooCommerce.

Store features

The main advantages of WordPress and WooCommerce are flexibility and scalability. With the help of plugins and third-party services, you can build a convenient working scheme for both selling and promoting products.
It's easy enough to organize the uploading of products and promotional posts to social networks. At the same time, you can reflect reviews and ratings on the store site.
Various accounting systems and CRM can integrate into WooCommerce.
Also, сan be build multi-vendor stores based on WooCommerce.

What do we offer?

Our main advantage is creating Internet sites with outstanding technical characteristics. High download speeds, additional micropatterning, and experience in integrating with third-party services will allow us to outrun our competitors.

Analytics and SEO analysis of the store will allow you to make informed decisions in the choice of products and methods of promotion on the Internet.
We offer a migration service for existing but technically obsolete stores, including domain changes without a significant loss of traffic, which may be required, for example, in the case of rebranding.
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WordPress Website Services

Our team works according to the principle of a distributed office. Physically, employees are located in different cities and countries but united in a single working environment.
We create Internet products using the latest technology, following current trends in the industry.
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