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Multilingual WordPress

Having content in multiple languages dramatically expands a website's audience and makes it easier to communicate meaningful information to customers or partners.

WordPress and multilingualism

Websites on CMS WordPress allow you to create multilingual content pages with easy management of language versions.

When is multilingualism needed?

☑ The audience of your website is already in different countries and understands different languages;
☑ The laws of your country require an official language of the country;
☑ The company seeks to enter foreign markets and describes its offerings in the language of the potential audience.

On the implementation of multilingualism

As a rule, two languages are chosen - the country of the site localization and English as the international.

Multilingual interface

Creating a multilingual website involves many aspects and can be implemented with varying complexity.

The superficial level is a multilingual user interface.
The names of the menu items, form fields, the inscriptions on the buttons, etc., are all the texts of the user interface.

Multilingual content

Multilingual content is more challenging to implement. For example, articles, news, or product descriptions on a site require a version of each text in the languages used. Besides, according to the rules, each page must be linked to a similar one in a different language. There are different solutions to this issue.

  1. There are versions in all languages for each news, article, or any other page. In this case, all texts (including headings and captions) must be translated into all languages of the site.
  2. Several copies of the same site are created, but for each different language.
  3. Combined approach. For example, the product (product) description is displayed in all the site's languages, while the blog or news lists exist independently for each version.

In each case, it is necessary to select the best option based on the ratio of tasks and work cost.

When designing multilingual sites, it is necessary to pay more attention to the structure of the site and the possibility of proper SEO for each language version.

There are several options for the technical implementation of a multilingual website.

  • Special tags link two different sites;
  • One site uses a special plugin;
  • One site with the creation of custom post types;
  • Multisite WordPress with common plugins but different domains (.com,, etc.)
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