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How do you beat the competition?

Increased competition on the Internet, changes in the requirements of search engines to the quality of content, and the level of technical optimization require the right approach to creating and promoting a website.

Here are some points that are desirable to consider when creating a website as a tool to attract customers:
Search Engines
Study the requirements of search engines and take this into account when creating or updating the site.
Competitor Analysis
Identify competitor sites, analyze, find the advantages and disadvantages and do better.
Technical Data
It is necessary to monitor the technical performance of the website at each stage of development.
Website Development
Develop the website. Follow trends and update content based on audience requests.

Some of the services we offer

Alex Web Agency offers a wide range of services to solve various business challenges. Our task is to provide a full cycle of business support on the Internet.

Our digital marketing services include both professional web design and various promotion tactics. We are successfully engaged in search engine optimization (SEO), various kinds of advertising, copywriting, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and much more.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important part of website promotion. It requires specific tools.
About SEO

Website Creation

We create most of our projects on CMS WordPress. About the reasons and benefits.
About Website Creation

Advertising promotion

Fast way to get traffic and customers. It can be quite costly, but there are solutions.
About Advertising promotion

Social networks and services

Integration of the site with social networks and various services. Automation.
About Integrations

Creating an online store

On the use of WordPress as a basic platform for creating an online store.
About Online Store

Site migration to WordPress

Switching to a modern fast platform and abandoning designers without loss.
About Website Migration
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Our team works according to the principle of a distributed office. Physically, employees are located in different cities and countries but united in a single working environment.
We create Internet products using the latest technology, following current trends in the industry.
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