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What is local SEO?

Millions of customers are looking for local (local) businesses every day. Approximately 80 percent of potential customers need digital communications to interact quickly and easily. If your business is not localized, you are missing out on valuable leads and sales opportunities.

What's the difference?

Unlike traditional search engine optimization, which aims to improve positions nationally or globally, local search engine optimization needs nearby service providers with geographically specific search queries.

Search engines and local SEO

So, local SEO improves the visibility of small and medium-sized businesses, general stores and businesses with one or more locations within a geographic area in local search.
Search engines strive to give the user the most valuable and relevant information.
 For this purpose, there are special services of search engines Google Business and Bing with customer ratings, working hours, location, and other helpful information. It's also not worth discounting less popular mapping services and directories. All of these can and should use for promotion.

Examples of local search results

Search results in different local services can vary significantly. Therefore, it is essential to cover the maximum number of sites and monitor their effectiveness.
  • local seo google maps
    Searching for "cleaning service pattaya" on Google
  • local seo bing maps
    Searching for "cleaning service pattaya" on Bing
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What to consider and check in Local SEO?

What are the ranking factors for Local SEO?

local seo 2
Search engines consider various local SEO ranking factors to determine positions in general search results. These include:
List of services in the organization cards
Consistency of data from different sources
Quality of reviews
CTR in search results
Primary domain authority

How to 'pump up' Local SEO?

local seo
Local SEO uses a variety of digital marketing techniques to improve local rankings, including:

Optimizing Google My Business
Using keywords for local queries
Working with feedback in local search
Reputation management
Link building
The same data at different sites

Our Local SEO offers

audit local

Local SEO audit of the website

We perform comprehensive technical audits to identify and fix technical problems with the site. 

The audit covers essential control points, including site performance when displayed on mobile devices, internal link structure, site architecture, etc.
local keyword

Keyword research and strategy

Using the research results, we develop immediate and long-term measures to improve the technical performance of the website. For example, when building or migrating a site, we default monitor technical performance at the development stage for excellent results.

Line page optimization

The official accounts of the Line messenger, which is essential for Southeast Asia, can create a page.

Page content (posts, services, products and discounts) is taken from the account and can optimize for local SEO.

Optimizing your Google My Business account

Manage your Google My Business accounts with the help of our experts. Keep your brand information complete and up-to-date.
Our Google My Business experts will also verify your online business information to give your resources the most effective and accurate representation locally.


Link building and business citation

Having links, mentions and reviews on external resources is an important area of local SEO. Participation in various local or thematic directories will undoubtedly add weight to pages and give additional traffic. It is crucial to choose relevant sources because donor resources should not be spammed. Otherwise, the effect of links can be harmful.

Local SEO for e-commerce

The location of the online store can be decisive for the buyer.

For example, the choice may influence by the following factors: speed of delivery, cost of delivery and difficulty of claiming warranty service.

These examples may indicate the need to use local SEO techniques for E-commerce.
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