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Updated: 18-03-2022

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website traffic analysis service from the Google search engine that provides detailed information about all visitors, showing region, operating system, service provider, traffic sources, and other important parameters.

Principle of operation

Google's Java Script code is installed on the owner's website and automatically tracks all clicks. The system will start recording actions and movements as soon as a visitor enters any page of the resource, and both direct clicks and visits from search engines, social networks, advertising services and other resources will be counted.

All the data is sent to Google servers, where it is processed and combined into a single database. After a few seconds, it appears in the dashboard, where you can apply various filters and widgets to view the information.

Google analytics options

Gathering statistics from Google gives site owners a lot of options. Let's focus on the main points:

  • Analysis tools. complete attendance information, custom variables, traffic visualization, employee sharing support, API tools, and more;
  • Content analysis. Statistics on all pages of the site, load speed analysis, event tracking. A large set of tools to help you get information about the pages of the resource;
  • Mobile data analysis. Evaluating the effectiveness of mobile advertising, app analysis, mobile conversion statistics;
  • Analysis of social activity. The influence of social networks and sources of user conversions;
  • Conversion analysis. Detailed statistics on goals and conversions, sales optimization, advertising campaign effectiveness tracking, visualization, site dynamics;
  • Advertising Analysis. A tool for analyzing and comparing different advertising sources, improving marketing efficiency, and integrating with AdWords services.

How to install and configure the service

Use your Google account to use the service. Register as a new user or sign in with your username at

  • Log in to your account in the service and click the 'Administrator' tab;
  • In the menu that appears, click the 'Account' tab and select the account for which you want to add the site;
  • In the menu that opens, click Tab. Create a resource;
  • Determine whether the type of resource you want to analyze is a website or a mobile app;
  • Consider the example for a website. Specify the name of the resource. Specify the industry affiliation, URL, and time zone. Click the "Get ID" button;
  • Accept the terms and confirm the action;
  • You will see a piece of code you need to install on the resource to record user actions and store statistics;
  • Copy and paste it into the footer of the site. Or you can place it at the beginning of the page between the header tags.

For popular CMS, there are special plugins that allow you to install the code in just a few clicks, using your user ID.

Google Analytics

Traffic evaluation parameters

Traffic evaluation in Google Analytics is based on a large amount of data that the system collects about users. Let's divide the data into 4 blocks.

  • Summary information about site visits. Track the number of pages viewed, unique sessions, total audience, and new visitors;
  • Audience Characteristics. Visitor activity. Number of pages visited by unique users, interests, geographic distribution by IP, etc.;
  • Sources of conversions. Tracking of sites with direct jumps. Advertising traffic. All basic search queries from search engines, traffic sources by segments;
  • Popularity of sections and pages of the site. Complete analysis of the traffic of each page, section, category, a list of popular pages for each resource.

These are just some of the metrics Google uses to measure website traffic and provide information to webmasters. In general, all data is analyzed and every visitor action is recorded so that the website owner can analyze the attractiveness of its resources to users.

What can you learn from the report?

Statistics gathered from Google's analytics tools help you understand layout errors in element placement, text, etc. Reports can be used to search for errors and bad decisions on the site.

  • Page load speed of the site. One of the main factors affecting your search engine ranking;
  • Event tracking. All information about button presses when navigating between pages and filling out contact forms;
  • Distribution of traffic by device type. It is important to know the number of visitors using a personal computer and the number of mobile users. The statistics tool on Google Analytics lets you identify the percentage of users who visit a resource from mobile devices, tablets, or desktops;
  • Analysis of sales and conversions, detailed statistics and analysis of all user activity. The report shows you which factors influence sales;
  • Analysis of advertising traffic. Do you use contextual advertising? Can't figure out which ads are most effective? Google Analytics gives you a detailed report on all ads and recommends which units are most effective;
  • Social media activity. Analyze how your site interacts with social media. You'll get full statistics on click-throughs from your social media accounts to your website.

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